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Our 12-strong HD range has power and performance nailed for heavy-duty operation, delivering maximum operating efficiency under exacting conditions. The tried and trusted six-cylinder OM457 engine boasts an excellent power to weight ratio, with high torque at low speeds and outstanding economy. Whether you’re carrying a full load of timber out of a slippery skid site, or transporting delicate cargo on full air suspension, there’s an HD truck built for the task. 


In the News

With a background in the medical supply industry, Transcon owner and managing director Blake Noble knows how important quality equipment is when it comes to maintaining a company’s good health, which is why he’s just added three new Fuso trucks to his fleet.
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Warwick Rhodes, the man behind 'Rhodes for Roads' - proudly emblazoned across the front of an exclusively Fuso fleet - says outstanding service and reliability have kept him loyal to one truck brand for more than 30 years.
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James McConnell, owner and managing director of Celtic Transport Group, discusses why Fuso HD trucks are so popular as tipper-trailer units in his industry – with value for money and reliability being key reasons why he'll keep adding them to his fleet.
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