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Fighter has gained a reputation in New Zealand for being adaptable, economical and reliable across a wide range of applications, delivering on all fronts from safety and comfort to performance and efficiency. There are 50 Fighters in our line-up – all ready to get the job done.


In the News

For family-owned and operated Angel Transport, brand loyalty, quality, and a flexible finance package have kept the business flying high and leading the way with its award-winning FUSO fleet.
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With a background in the medical supply industry, Transcon owner and managing director Blake Noble knows how important quality equipment is when it comes to maintaining a company’s good health, which is why he’s just added three new Fuso trucks to his fleet.
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Low tare weight, fuel economy and dependability put Fuso Fighters at the top of the list for Neville Brothers – with driver Dave Cassidy calling them "unstoppable" off-road.
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